Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Holy Freakin Crap!

Ok so today started out great. The girls were being good, I didn't have alot of cleaning to do and the Best part was that Brandi Gave me an afternoon at the Mirage Spa for my Valentine's gift! I had no idea what Brandi had gotten me so the front desk attendant told me I had the choice of getting a facial or a full body massage. I have had a full body massage and LOVED it but I have never recieved a facial and was in desperate need of one so I chose that. The lady that did my facial was AWESOME! She told me that I have Rosacia ( ithink that is how it is spelled) along with combination skin, so she started off with a Glycolic peel which wasn't even included in the package! she said she I realy needed it bad and plus she realy wanted me to enjoy my firs facial so she threw it in for FREE! How freakin awesome is that, I am totally going to keep going to her! The last part of the facial was a Sour Cherry Chocolate Mask, it is usuallyy aa regular Cherry Chocolate Mask but since I have Rosacia she changed it to what was recommended. I was surprised at how relaxing and how yummy the whole experience was....I am so hooked! Well on the way home I called Brandi to ask him if he wanted me to stop off at Macayo's to get soem chips, salsa and hot sauce. He of course said yes but after I got off the freeway I realized I didn't have my wallet with me because I only took my ID with me so I got back onto the freeway and went from the 95 to the 15 to get home. Well I was headed north and about half a mile before the Lake Mead exit I saw a motercyclist and a car swurve to miss something, they missed it but the truck behind them hit it and it was a 2x4 piece of wood which flew right into my windshield! There is NO reason whatsoever that I shouldn't have cause a huge wreck on the freeway because of it. I saw it fly towards me and cringed because I thought it was going to come through my windshield and hit me. Thank goodness it didn't and when I somehow pulled off to the shoulder of the freeway which I don't realy remember doing I settled down just enough to stop crying and call Brandi to tell him what happened. I also had to call my friend Lexi that lives just a few houses down to see if she would watch our kids while Brandi comes to drive the truck home while I drove the caprice home. I couldn't see through the windshield good enough and you knwo men "I can do it" which he did. Right after I got off the freeway I said a little prayer thanking my Heaavenly Father for keeping me safe, because I knwo it could have been alot worse.


Krista said...

Holy Crap is right!!! I'm glad you are ok.

Jason & D'On Marx said...

I'm so glad you're ok!!

Bina said...

Lord! I would have probably peed my pants. I can't even imagine how scary that must have been.

Thank goodness you were okay.