Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Birthday Party disaster

On sunday we went to a Birthday party for a friends little girl that is the same age as Jade. Everything was going good and all the kids were having fun. They had a Dora Bounce House in the back yard and all the kids were having a blast in it. Well just before we were about to leave all the kids were getting out of the bounce house but Jade wasn't able to get out befor a very storng gust of wind picked it up off the ground and threw it over the 8ft block wall with Jade still inside it. One of the other guys and Brandi jumped over the block wall right after it and Jade had fallen out of it and was in the middle of the road when Brandi got to her. I ran out the front door and grabbed Jade from Brandi when I got to them. Denise had already called 911 and in about 3 minutes the ambulance was there and that was at about 4:20pm. I rode in the amblunce with Jade to UMC's Trauma center and we were there til about 8:30pm. They examed her and did a cat scan cause most of the abrasians were on her head. Thankfully Jade is completely fine accept for the road rash she got from falling out onto the asphault. Heavenly Father sure has his hands full with watching over my little girl and I am very greatful for that.

Busy Week

The first pic is of Jade the day we got her cast off!!! Her arm healed up real quick than goodness! The next pics are of her 3rd B-day party on April 26th. I made a Cupcake Heart Cake for her and my brother Bret, Lindsay and their two boys Landen and Logen and my sister Kara came over !! It was lots of fun. On monday my Mom and my sister Kare called Jade and both sang Happy Birthday to her so all that week she kept asking for her Bir-bay cake was LOL! All together it was a fun week!!!